Progress Z-Wave Plugin



I just finished security (S0 for now). The module works with both usb sticks (including the bridge ones, which I’m told open zwave and fhem cannot use) and with a zip gateway.

I’m quite sure there are some bugs to iron out and there are features to be added, too. For example multi channel is not implemented, we’ll need a testing device for having that working.


Status Z-Wave plugin

Hey @Adrian, hope you don’t mind that I’ve moved this to a new thread. Maybe you can give as an update post once in a while.

Keep up the good work :+1:


Yeah, an update on the current status would be cool.:wink:


Since last time I mentioned multi-channel devices, I’ll start with telling that multi-channel devices now work.

I also ironed out some issues and tested the module, but there might be some more.
But until now, I could change configuration parameters, set and reset associations (including multi-channel associations), receive notifications and so on.

Later edit: If you are interested in some details, just ask, I’ll try to reply.


Thanks for providing this update.

Do you have an idea when Z-Wave will finally be implemented in a stable version of Homegear?


That depends on feedback on the beta. Right now I’m focused on testing the code than on changing it. The binary module available I think still has some issues, but the one I’m using right now seems very stable and I stressed it quite a bit. Of course, I might miss some things, that’s why it would be nice if people would be using it before the stable version and have feedback about it.