Which docker image to use on raspi?


planning to migrate from native installation to docker on the raspi. I tried some images.
homegear/homegear, homegear/rpi-homegear.

using the rpi 3B+ with buster.

The following I see:

  • homegear/homegear is able to start, but the ca folder is not created due to permission problems
  • homegear/rpi-homegear is able to start, but the version is 0.7.40-2948 compared to the latest native one 0.7.45-3101

my question would be:

  • which docker image is the recommended one
  • in case to go for the rpi-homegear image is the migration to an older version supported?

thanks a lot

Hi @jipp,

homegear/homegear is the correct one. I deleted homegear/rpi-homegear now.



thx a lot

so will start with this one