Versioning of Homegear

While moving Homegear Docker installation to another device, I stumbled across the versioning.
The Homegear admin screen shows me that I’m running version: 0.7.40_2948

So I searched Docker Hub, but there are no Version tags: Docker Hub
Therefore, it’s hard to find that specific version.

In addition, I wanted to know from Docker Hub, what version of homegear is included in the latest stable docker image. However, this information is just available at Homegear - Downloads : 0.7.51-3497

The number after the version seems to be the amount of git commit. So a lot happened in the meantime. Thus, I wanted to investigate what bug fixes and features I missed until know. However, there is no corresponding version tag on Github: Tags · Homegear/Homegear · GitHub

It would be great to handle the version tags across the different services. I guess this could be automated.

In addition, I would promote to use Semantic Versioning. Using it, the version counting is done by the content and not by some vague feeling. If there is a change in the minor number, I immediately know there are new features which I might interested in. And if the major number changes I might have to take special care and should not update in the late evening :wink:
I know, that version 1.0 has some special magic in it, but my old installation proves that homegear is very stable since more than two years. I’m running that version 24/7 to control my light and roller shutter and to even lock my door :smiley:

paging @sathya :+1: