/tmp use on installation

Hey Sathya,

First of all, thank you very much for this amazing software!

There is one thing I noticed during the installation: The install script loads some fairly big files from the Homematic-Page and extracts them in /tmp. Normally this isn’t a issue but my homeautomation system runs on a single board pc with a AMD-GEODE and just 512MB RAM. /tmp is mounted as tempfs with 256MB max. With this limitation the installation of Homegear failed and I had to bind /tmp to something on the disk.

This isn’t really an issue, just some thing to lookout for.


Hey Jan,

I could check for the available space on “/tmp” and ask for an alternative location during the installation, if there is not enough?


This would certainly help other users, which have less experience with Linux. I’m surprised that it even work’s on the RasPi. (Haven’t tried)

ok, I opened an issue: https://github.com/Homegear/Homegear/issues/52

The Rasberry Pi has no seperate “/tmp” partition with the default installation. That’s why there are no problems :wink:.