Support for HomeMatic HM-CFG-USB-2

this is a great project. I’m just checking if this nice piece of software fits into my homeautomatisation landscape. Can I use homegear with my HM-CFG-USB-2?
Or is there any plan to support it in the near future?

I’m also having a CUL device which is configured for several FS20 devices. Iirc you cant send commands to FS20 and Homeatic at the same time, right? Or is that already possible…
Having one piece of software would be really great to manage all my devices. On top of homegear would then plan to use Openhab.

I’m not a developer but a sysadmin. Let me know if you need some early adopters to test.
Keep up the good work.


Currently you can’t use Homegear with the HM-CFG-USB-2. But I’m planning to implement it in the next months.

No, you can’t send or receive packets to/from FS20 and HomeMatic devices at the same time. For that you need two CULs. Currently FS20 is not supported by Homegear. The main problem is, that FS20 devices have no unique addresses and the XMLRPC interface requires each device to be individually reachable. Any ideas maybe how I could neatly implement FS20 devices?

After I implemented the HM-CFG-USB-2, it would be great, if you could test it.



The FS20’s address consists of a so called “house code” and an own address. In Openhab I do have the follwing config for three of my power switches.


Where “921F” is my house code and 00,01,02 is the address of the device.
Not sure if this helps you with addressing it with the XMLRPC interface, but at least this is what Openhab does.

About the HM-CFG-USB-2:
In general it is already possible to use em on the Pi. You have to extract the RFD daemon from the CCU2 image and run it nativly on the Pi. Since that service is defaulting to port 2001like your serice does as well, I was curios to hear if support is already intergrated.


The main problem is, that the HM-CFG-USB handles part of the communication by itself (i. e. ACK packets, retries). Currently Homegear doesn’t support that. It requires full control over the packet handling. Changing that, will take some time. But I will definitaly do that after my exams :wink:.

I actually already implemented basic FS20 support in Homegear [1]. Just the central is missing. Maybe I will add FS20 support after my exams. There is so much to do…


Hi there!

I have just started to equip my appartment with HomeMatic devices and I stumbled upon this nice piece of work. I want to use the HM-CFG-USB-2 to manage my Devices, do you have any updates on the support of the HM-CFG-USB-2? Or do you know how to operate the devices with AES and a CC1101 module?

Hope to hear from you soon.


the HM-CFG-USB-2 can be used with the hmland from Michael (See [1]). The configuration is the same as for the HM-CFG-LAN. AES with a CC1101 module is currenctly not possible.