State feedback from HM-LC-Sw2-FM


I’ve a HM-LC-Sw2-FM in the basement, connected to the regular light push buttons. Now I can switch on/off the light using the regular push buttons (or wall switches or whatever the right word is) and using MQTT messages via homegear.

I want to trigger some other events whenever light is switched on using a wall switch. I found, that these HM-LC-Sw2-FM always send a WORKING message when a wall switch was toggled. And sometimes, but unfortunately not always, they also send a STATE message with the information of the new state of the switch.

I’m wondering how it could happen that these STATE messages are not always sent. And moreover I’m wondering whether they are actually are not sent by the homematic device or whether they are dropped by homegear.

Has someone else come around this phenomen and has any thoughts on it?

I’m running homegear 0.7.19-1846, the firmware of the homematic thing is 2.8.



I use the switch actuator in my garage without the problems you described. Could it be a problem with the radio range and therefore the packets get lost?

My system consists of Homegear + MQTT + Node-Red.


Could you give us the RSSI?

sudo homegear -r
fs 0 
ps <id of HM-LC-Sw2-FM>
config print


Here is the part with the RSSI. Is that enough to say something? Otherwise, the complete config print output is here It’s so much, I don’t want to flood the forum with it.

Thanks and cheers,

    Channel: 0
            [RSSI_PEER]: 00
            [BOOT]: 00
            [RSSI_DEVICE]: 3a
            [AES_KEY]: 00
            [CONFIG_PENDING]: 00
            [LAST_PACKET_RECEIVED]: 5b 16 17 7e
            [DUTYCYCLE]: 00
            [UNREACH]: 00
            [LOWBAT]: 00
            [STICKY_UNREACH]: 01


Well, may be. Although the WORKING message come through reliably and also messages sent from homegear don’t get lost. What kind of antenna do you use? Maybe there is my problem. Have a look, can you comment this antenna arrangement and give hint?


3a is -58, that’s a fair reception. I have sensors with worse RSSI which work without any problem.

I’m using a +2dBi 868MHz Antenna on my self developed SPI board.


Not sure if the second radio in your installation interferes… could you maybe dactivate or remove the second one?
Many people had success by using a 8,6cm wire antenna which they have in a small tube so that it does not bend.

All in all I’m not a fan of these generic curled antennas as you use them, see

Homematic Reichweite erweitern

Thank you for these hints. I changed my antenna setup and at the moment I receive all the STATE messages from the homematic devices.