Slice of radio


have anyone tried to use Slice of radio (CISECO) to control?

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what is “Slice of radio”?

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Do you want to control the PrivateEyePi devices or simply use it as a communication module for (e.g.) homematic?

For the latter you could try as the used chip is the well known CC1101. The chips can work for 433MHz and 868MHz it could be possible, as the module seems to be designed for 868MHz (antenna configuration).

The module is hooked up via serial to the Pi. homegear supports afaik only the CC1101 via SPI. The only thing via serial is the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB.

I think the better bet is to use this module as an CUL device, which is basicaly an USB2Serial Adapter with a connected CC1101 which get’s presented as (e.g.) /dev/AMA0. But I think this needs the CulFW on the device itself.

So, officially the module is not supported. But you can try if you want.

Oh, and have a look here: