Sending weekly time/temp profile to Homematic Radiator valves and Wall thermostats

I have a Pi+COC central, connected to 1 x wall-stat (HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU) and 3 x rad-valve (HM-CC-RT-DN). One valve is connected direct to central, the other two rad-valves are connected via the wall-stat.

I have observed the need to ‘teach’ in the right order and everything seems ok. If I adjust the set-temperature on the wall-stat it is transmitted to both of the connected rad-valves as expected. All 4 devices appear in LIST_DEVICES and I can access the ‘VALVE_STATE’ on each for boiler control. All good!

I am trying to send the weekly time/temp profile to each device, but obviously where a room uses a wall-stat it should be the wall-stat that holds the profile, and then somehow forwards it to the two rad-valves that it serves in that room.

I can individually send to ALL 3 rad-valves directly and the new value becomes set in rad-valve memory ok:
print_r($Client->send(“putParamset”, array(4, -1, “MASTER”, array(“ENDTIME_FRIDAY_1” => 440))));

If I send to the wall-stat it is also set in wall-stat memory ok:
print_r($Client->send(“putParamset”, array(1, -1, “MASTER”, array(“P1_ENDTIME_FRIDAY_1” => 410))));
… but it is not transmitted onwards to the 2 connected rad-valves.

I have waited a while just in case there is a polling interval but the two dependant valves have not updated. (but they are active and connected – they will update a SET_TEMPERATURE change if I manually move the wall-stat wheel.)

Is there an addition ‘update’ or ‘refresh’ command that I have to call to cause the wall-stat to forward its new time/temp profile to its dependant rad-valves?


(Great work with Homegear Sathya!!)

Hey riverjet,

Not to my knowledge. The configuration parameters need to be sent to all valve drives, too - it’s a firmware issue.