Sending commands to CUL through homegear

My nanoCUL works great with homegear on my Debian and Openhab System. I have paired many devices and all of them work great.

But now I would like to change and view some raw setting of my CUL. Sending command.
E.g. seeing the CUL Firmware Version:
get CUL1 raw V
Or changing the transmission power
set CUL1 raw x09

In FHEM it seems like you have a terminal where you can send command to the attached CUL.

But I don’t use FHEM and I don’t know how to communicate with the CUL. Searching on Google or on this form did not lead anywhere.

I alread know how to send command from Debian Terminal through homegear and through the CUL to connected devices:
sudo /usr/bin/homegear -e rc print_v($hg->putParamset(\"SEQ1579963:1\", \"SEQ1579963:1\", ARRAY(\"LONG_ON_MIN_LEVEL\" => 1.0)))

But I need to reach the CUL itself.

Using Linux “Screen” I can already get the CUL Firmware Version:
sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 38400,cs8,ixoff,istrip
And pressing V and ENTER afterwards.

Is there a way to send commands to my CUL somehow? Does Homegear offers any function? Start paring mode should be a command too.