SCC (or comparable) and Enocean Pi compatibility


I want to use a Raspberry both with Homematic and Enocean devices. I’ve sucessfully tested the Enocean Pi board (via OpenHAB) and now want to add homematic access. Now i’m not sure if it is possible that SCC and the Enocean Pi coexist as both use the UART to control the component. Somebody knows if this is possible?

If not - i found some threads about directly adding a CC1101 component via SPI. I think i did not completely understand this: Does homegear come with “low level” code like the “culfw” itself, allowing to control the CC1101 directly or do i have to add another microcontroller? The threads have been quite “unclear” for a hardware beginner like me - is there a “repeatable” description for hooking to the raspberry i can look up?

And if this will fail to - i think i will have to replace one of the boards with the corresponding USB device. Should i use the Enocean or CUL as USB (and keep the other component via UART)?

Thanks for your patience, Michael

Hi Michael,

two devices can’t use the same UART Interface, except all used devices are specifically built for it (the SCC is, the Enocean Pi board probably isn’t). But of course you can use the CC1101. Yes Homegear comes with low level code and is communicating over SPI directly so you don’t need a microcontroller. Even if this means some work, it probably is the best way to communicate with HomeMatic devices. Of course the CUL works, too.

Here’s how to connect the module: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10#p130



Hi Sathya,

ok, thats what i suspected. For the moment i “switched” to the HM-CFG-USB as this was a good offering anyway. The current “hardware design” relies on the Enocean USB und the HM USB, trying to use the “best of breed” of both worlds in my automation. If i will encounter any problems in production i will give the SPI/CC1101 a try.

Many thanks for this outstanding work and your constant support in this forum.

Regards, Michael