RF communication error with devices MAX!


This is related with this other post,How to start working with Homegear? , because the errors are raised when I execute some flows configured in node-blue.

I receibe in homegear ui dashboard some device communication errors when triying to set some parameters to my MAX! radiator devices.
At this moment I cannot figure out how this comm errors are issued and why.
This is the log (set dl 8 to have all inf as possible) when launch the flow:
Is soooo long so I atach here all but with a file.

homegear_log_manmode (1).txt (627,3 KB)

And this is the communication errors on devices I see on homegear dahsboard.

Any device (usually all them) have this communication error and I have two flows to send settings and both raise the errors. These errors only appear when I execute the mentioned node-blue flows and not at other times, although the truth is that at this moment I don´t use nothing more than this node-blue flows to send orders to the devices.

Finally, I see that all devices (few minutes after execute the node-blue flow) have their settings propperly, homegear seems does a great job retrying and resending the parameters to change until the device receive the new parameters correctly.

Any help to evaluate and fix the problem it will be very well received.


Hello @jirm,

could you repost the log at loglevel 4 :stuck_out_tongue:. This log has too much information.