Reversing homematic blind direction

i have a small issue in that i installed a while ago my homematic blind switches (HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM) upside down.
now of course when i am in home assistant - the blinds are marked as closed although they are open and vice versa.
is there anything i can do witht he config of this device that it “knows” it is upside down?

Hi @dominicepsom,

I’m not sure if this should be solvable with homegear as it gives only the data to home assistant. Have you asked over at their forum?


i did :slight_smile: they said… not possible :)… i will have to live with it

I also see no possibility from homegear… is it realy to complicated to rewire the HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM?

The only thing I can think of is to adapt the coresponding XML-files in the family folder to switch the “datapoints” to a different output. But this seems more like a dirty hack…

yeh i will maybe just take them out and see if i can turn it around. :)… for the record… the home gear service is working like a treat.

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which would be the corresponding XML file … i am seeing 3 xmls with the device name in it

Uh… don’t know. Maybe @sathya can help out?

thanks for the help. i am going to bite the bullet and dismantle my house and turn them around :slight_smile:

Hello @dominicepsom,

it’s probably a little late now, but we could’ve reversed it with Node-BLUE and a virtual device…



hi @sathya
how would one do that… i still havent uprouted the house :slight_smile:

Hey @dominicepsom,

here’s the XML:

<homegearDevice version="1">
		<device id="VirtualBlind">
		<function channel="1" type="BLIND">
		<variables id="blind_ch_values">
			<parameter id="LEVEL">

Place it in /etc/homegear/devices/254/VirtualBlind.xml and restart Homegear. Then execute:

homegear -r
fs 254
pc 9000 VIRTLBLD01

This creates a virtual blind device. You need one for each blind (for the second one: pc 9000 VIRTLBLD02).

Then open Node-BLUE (https://<Homegear IP>:2002/flows, default user and password homegear). And paste this flow (Menu => Import => Clipboard):

[{"id":"196b1658.a48a02","type":"tab","namespace":"tab","label":"Flow 2","disabled":false,"info":""},{"id":"991b239e.f7f258","type":"variable-in","namespace":"variable","z":"196b1658.a48a02","variabletype":"device","family":"254","peerid":"157","channel":"1","variable":"LEVEL","refractoryperiod":"0","outputonstartup":false,"loopprevention":false,"looppreventiongroup":"","name":"Virtual Blind Level","x":165,"y":100,"wires":[[{"id":"a1a23.5d8bd5dd8","port":0}]]},{"id":"a1a23.5d8bd5dd8","type":"function","namespace":"function","z":"196b1658.a48a02","name":"","func":"$message['payload'] = 1.0 - $message['payload'];\nreturn $message;","inputs":1,"outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":340,"y":100,"wires":[[{"id":"634b1b59.5af054","port":0}]]},{"id":"634b1b59.5af054","type":"variable-out","namespace":"variable","z":"196b1658.a48a02","variabletype":"device","family":"24","peerid":"151","channel":"3","variable":"LEVEL","name":"Real Blind Level","x":510,"y":100,"wires":[]}]

Change the input and output to the correct variables. That’s it.



ok and use the virtual blinds as devices for home assistant… i will try it out this weekend…

Yes - forgot to mention that :stuck_out_tongue:.

well that all kinda worked :)… thanks for the help