Recommendet Hardware to replace MAX CUBE

Hello there,

I tried already to replace my MAX Cube with Homegear and some CUL Stick, that didn’t work.

Now, the winter is coming and I need a solution for my broken MAX CUBE.

Can someone give me some recommendation for a Hardware to replace the MAX CUBE.

I am using openHAB on a Raspi 3+, I would like to connect my MAX thermostats, the MAX Wall thermostat and the window shutter.

I would be really thankful if someone could suggest some hardware, that would actually work with MAX and Homegear on a Raspi…


Should be plenty of options:

Except of the homematic modules everyone of them should work.
I personally recommend the CC1101 SPI route.

Will have to build some more, but I sell these: CC1101 Raspberry Pi SPI Modul V0.4 | Homegear | Automation | cod.m Shop

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