Read-only installation Problem and Questions - solved


after my sd crashed I decided to go for a read-only installation.
I have some comments and questions:


  • after 1st start some questions are asked, like resize of partition and creation of data partition. My problem was that I did not know the exact size of the new card and if the total size given is too big it will result in some failures.
    -> is it possible to give a hint during the 1st run about size, or tell for the data partition to use the rest?


  • for what reason is the user root prompted for a password. Nowadays user root is alway blocked and only user pi is there by default for login.


  • the raspi does not support dns name resolution. Means a ping to the internet using FQHN is not working.


  • I changed the hostname using raspi-config but got some problem when trying sudo. The raspi complains about missing hostname resolve. To solve this I have had to change the /etc/hosts manually.


  • very good work on this distro!!!

thx a lot

Hey @jipp,

That should be possible and makes sense.

The source for the script was for a system where sudo is disabled. There a root password is needed. As sudo is enabled on the Raspbian image, you’re right, there is no need for a root password.

I thought, I already fixed that. I will look into it.



The new Raspbian image will be released today.