Problem with MAX Cube with a-culfw


HW: MAX cube flashed with a-culfw 1.26.8 (latest) or 1.25.01 configured as CUL or CUNx
SW: homegear stable or nightly running in docker (responseDelay=40)

I have the following issue observed in the log:

02/22/21 12:10:39.672 Module MAX: Debug: Sending packet 0B030540FD11CF140C2E016B immediately, because it seems it is no response (no packet information found).

If the third attempt is failed then I got the “no answer from device” and set-value operation is failed on the thermostat.

The whole messages is attached:

nopacketinfo.log (4.3 KB)

The same is working with nanoCUL (hw flased with culfw 1.67) with same devices, same config, same homegear versions.

  • Do you have an idea what could be wrong here?
  • Is there any possibility to get older homegear version from dockerhub to try eg. by referreing to a version eg. 0.7.30 ?

I have seen several posts that MAXCube still alive with a-culfw and homegear, so I would like to have a try to understand the problem here and try to fix it. :slight_smile:


Well… By checking the nanoCUL’s log with the same debug level the same message appear (…no packet information…)

Additionally in case of “good” signal strength no resend is observed… My plan is now to split my 10 thermostats between nanoCUL (1st floor ) and CUBE (2nd floor), ensure “proper/good enough” signal level on the paired thermostats then hopefully the reliability (commands are delivered to the targets) getting increased…

Sorry for the noise… :smiley: Sofar nothing to troubleshoot on this further.