Node-RED node support in Node-BLUE

In the current nightlies you might have noticed a huge new feature: Node-BLUE now supported Node-RED nodes. There have been tons of changes to Node-BLUE in the last two months, let me try to give a short overview:

  • We updated the frontend to Node-RED 1.2.7
  • Node-RED nodes can now be installed from the palette
  • We developed a new Node.js module “homegear-nodejs” (installable via npm) to communicate with Homegear over IPC
  • Homegear now provides a full-featured Node.js server
  • Node-BLUE errors are now sent to debug tab
  • New Catch node
  • New Status node
  • New JavaScript node
  • We implemented nodes to create elements in Homegear’s UI
  • The Template node now supports retrieval of device variable values
  • Node-RED HTML files are now compatible to Node-BLUE
  • Node-BLUE node installation from palette now works on all Linux distributions
  • Node-BLUE nodes don’t require a central repository anymore
  • Tons of bugfixes and small changes

Have fun playing aroung with these new features!