New installation of homegear for MAX! .. I am lost

MAX! radiator and wall thermostats are working with homegear/pyhomematic/home-assistant.

It’s at most 9 commands per 15 minutes. Single command takes ~1 second. 1% of 900 secnds are 9.

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the link does not show any device list …

will the Max!Cube work with Home Assistant without flashing a firmware?

which is better. The original firmware or the flashed firmware? Principal differences?

sadly with the new Website, the reference is gone atm, @sathya is working on it.

As I’ve never used the Max!Cube with it’s original Firmware I can’t answer that question.

Same as the question above, but this looks promising:


I finally received the Max Cube. It worked well in Home Assistant with its component. but … a big BUT … after few days the conncetion disappears. I do have to repeat the pairing of the HUB and Thermostats in the MAX!Cube app.

It happened already 3 times, and I do not know what was the cause.

At this point I seriously think to flash the firmware and then use the homematic/homegear component in Home Assistant