Multiple CUNx

I am sure it must be possible, but how would I use two CUNX devices (we have a big house so had two MAX Cube devices which I have flashed with CUL firmware. I’m just trying to work out how on earth I set the second one up (first one is working perfectly).

Hey @timharris,

should be as simple as putting a second config block for the CUNX in the max.conf.
But bear in mind, that the MAX! protocol does not support roaming (IIRC).

I don’t have such a setup running, so maybe I’m wrong. Did you check out homegear-gateway?

Hey @bigcookie, can help out here?

Hi, I dont have such a setup running. Sorry. From my reading, just put a second [CUNX] block in the config with a different ID and IP…

I dont have a second cunx device to try out and help :-(.

Sorry… I’ve misread your other post about the reflashed cubes…
Nevertheless, thank you!

Yes, that works.

Hi @sathya, i’ve same situation and multiple CUNX setup is doing the job.
Anyway, how can you select the right cube when adding a new thermostat trought homematic-manager?

Hi @hiol83,

at the moment:

  • By adding the default=true line to the interface you want to pair the device with.
  • By using the RPC method setInterface() on the peer after pairing. This sets the interface to use.

With the next nightly, Homegear sets the interface of the device to the interface it received the packets from.

Hopefully that helps.



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thanks @sathya !
i ve done it and everything is working as expected