Is it possible to clear the transmission queues for Max family decices

Sometimes I need to re-plug my flashed max cube to get it to start working again and the result of this is messages are queued and won’t transmit any new messages until those are cleared.

To remedy this I connect with the cli and select each device in turn clearing it’s queue. Has anyone got any idea how I could script this?

Do you have found a solution?
I have a similar problem after playing around with node-BLUE.
There a hundreds of messages in the queues now …

I have been looking auround in the databse db.sql
Maybe the entry’s are in table “peerVariables”, column “binaryValue” with “variableIndex” = 16.

Can you confirm this?
Then it should be possilbe to clear the BLOB’s with a simple SQL statement.
But we have to be sure…

Next time it happens I’ll try but looking at the source, I would say this is correct

Did you try this @Mainframe ? I need to do it last night but I wasn’t prepared enough. What did your SQL look like?

Is it a sqlite dB or something else?

I haven’t investige any time to build a working SQL yet.

But yes, its an sqlite database.
I have used “DB Explorer” as GUI to have a look into the database only…

But only setting column “binaryValue” should be something like this:

UPDATE peerVariables
SET binaryValue = x'00000000'
WHERE variableIndex = 16;