Installation process for Rpi Preinstalled image

I have used the “Raspbian 7 with Homegear and openHAB preinstalled” image and have setup my hardware (COC) according to the “Setting Up Your Hardware” link, but given that I have used the pre-built image I wasn’t sure how much of the remaining “Installing and Configuring Homegear” instructions were relevant.

The only thing I have done is adjusted g++ to V4.7.

I have not done any of the other steps (Compiling Homegear, Preinstallation Steps, or Installing Homegear steps). I assume these steps are for a manual build? Is this correct? - or am I going to have problems later?

(With only some very minor chmod permission changes I do have what appears to be a working system talking to the two Homematic test devices that I have at the moment.)

Hey riverjet,

you don’t even have to relink g++ to version 4.7. The preinstalled image is ready to go :wink:. The only thing to do is to adjust the config.