Installation packages not working

I am getting consistent errors trying to install Homegear on a fresh Raspberry Pi. I get

Failed to fetch 404 Not Found
etc etc

Looking at the repositories it seems like the 0.8 version is not there.

Have the repositories got out of sync with the list?

paging @sathya

Second question - why when I try to install Homegear from repositories using the main Homegear documentation is it trying (and failing) to install 0.8?

According to the Raspbian image download instructions, the latest stable version is 0.7 or is the Raspbian image slightly behind the current stable version of Homegear?

Hi all,

IIRC the stable repo for raspbian is broken at the moment. 0.8.0 is nightly, and should not be available via a repo …

– Micha

That is what I’m finding. It worked fine setting up a test system a couple of weeks ago and installed v 0.8.0-3085. Now I’m moving SD cards around and wanted to reinstall from scratch and it cannot find the packages now.

Not sure I want the nightly build. I’d rather have the stable version unless there’s something I need.

Is the stable 0.7.x version available anywhere? Or perhaps I should go Raspbian image

The repository is healthy again now.

Awesome - thanks guys