Impact of not using realtime kernel

I was wondering how important it really is to use a realtime kernel? For which application or setup? I’m using Homegear with openHAB on the same board to control some blinds, interfacing with the HM-CFG-LAN. So far the setup work’s perfectly smooth. (After digging up the 1.6 Snapshot if the Homematic binding). I’m asking because I would like to avoid to recompile a Kernel. I would need one for Ubuntu14.04 with non-pae, not really experienced in Kernel building.


Hey Jan,

if your CPU load is low and you’re not using the old HomeMatic valve drives (HM-CC-VD), everything should work fine without a realtime kernel. CPU load peaks might cause problems. But they cause problems without a realtime kernel, too, as not all used processes/threads are realtime.


*With a realtime kernel. I guess.

Thank you very much for the clarification. As CPU-Load isn’t a issue I will stick with my current Kernel.

Yes, with a realtime kernel :wink: