Homematic Wired LAN cannot find devices

Hi there,
I am new here. I am trying to setup my Homematic Wired eQ3 via the LAN connection.
I am running homegear in a docker container on my Linux desktop for the moment, to test things out.
I have mapped the following ports when creating the docker:
8080:80 -p 8443:443 -p 2001:2001 -p 2002:2002 -p 2003:2003 -p 1000:1000 -p 43439:43439 -p 9292:9292 -p 6969:6969
I configured the homeatic wired family.

## The device family this interface is for
[HomeMatic Wired RS485 LAN Gateway]

## Specify an unique id here to identify this device in Homegear
id = Homematic-Wired-Gateway

## Options: rs485, hmwlgw
deviceType = hmwlgw

## IP address of your HMW-LGW
host =

## First Port number your HMW-LGW listens on. Normally 1000.
port = 1000

## Put the security key printed on your HMW-LGW here
lanKey = T99=nCXXXX 

## Should be "13" for serial modules, "20" for USB modules and "8" for HMW-LGW.
responseDelay = 8

Although I have Homematic HmIPW-DRAP device as Gateway.

First question:
is the lanKey the password written on the device or is it the SGTIN?

Second question:
I cannot find any devices when searching. I started the CLI and did

families select 1
Family 1> search
Search completed successfully.
Family 1> peers list
No peers are paired to this central.

Error message in the log file:

HomeMatic Wired: HMW-LGW "Homematic-Wired-Gateway": Warning: !!!Not!!! sending (Port 1000), because the init sequence is not completed: FDFFFFFFFF9C00000001035A05CC

Any hints would be appreciated.