Homegear + RWE SmartHome = ? (engl.)

Hi everyone,

I managed to integrate quite a few Homematic devices into my openhab setup using Homegear.
Did anyone try Homegear with RWE SmartHome products? (I also posted this entry in the german section, as this products may be of a more local interest). The hardware seems to be the same as the Homematics. Apperantly they do however use a slightly modified firmware. When it comes to the flush mount switch actuators this seems to affect the function set as well.
"The switch can toggle, however does not give any feedback about the current position or if current is flowing. That means the Homematic central can not perform actions based on the light’s status.
The same typ switch from the RWE series seems to have that capability but can not be connected to a Homematic central."
Maybe Homegear is able to jump, as it has a stronger interaction with BidCos.

I am happy for an feedback or suggestions.


Hey David,

currently there are no plans to support RWE SmartHome in Homegear. The hardware indeed looks the same as HomeMatic, but the wireless protocol is completely different. Maybe we will implement it at some point, but currently other systems seem more important.

That’s not completely true. The switch sends one broadcast packet a few seconds after the switch operation. The problem is, this packet is not repeated if not received and because of the delay you can’t perform immediate actions. To make sure, you have the right state of the switch in openHAB you can enable automatic polling, e. g. every 10 minutes.

If you only need a sensor you can also use the HM-PB-2-FM [1]. Or you could flash your own firmware (I think there is one available already). No idea, why the switch doesn’t send a bidirectional status packet immediately by default.



[1] http://www.elv.de/homematic-funk-wandsender-fuer-markenschalter-2fach-unterputzmontage-komplettbausatz.html/refid/affilinet