Homegear or OpenHAB binding


I am wondering which way to go if Homegear is used together with OpenHAB (because of Homematic).
OpenHAB also offers bindings for a lot devices already.
An example would be the Philips Hue support. It exists in Homegear and OpenHAB.
From the “feature request” forum I have learned that Onewire support in Homegear is planned as well.
OpenHAB also supports this.

So shall I use Hue for example from Homegear or OpenHAB?
What are the advantages and disadvantages in using the one or the other if both are used?



choose the one that works best and offers the most features. I never tried the openHAB binding, but Homegear’s implementation is feature complete - including a good RGB to HSV mapping. For the Module I read a lot about CIE 1931 diagrams and color space conversions and think, the conversion of RGB colors into Philips hue colors (which is the most difficult part of the implementation) is pretty good (if still not optimal). The openHAB binding seems to use the default Java color space converter and a fixed Hue conversion factor.