Homegear log level is flodding openhab.log

Hello, some weeks ago I tried to troubleshoot a homegear issue and changed the debug level of homegear. Since then it seems like I cannot turn the debug level to a lower level. I get every second ~30 debug logs written into the openhab.log.

This is how I set the debug level:

homegear -r
debuglevel 0

It seems like the system accepts the command:

But even after a restart I see Debug messages in my openhab.log.

Do you have any hint how I can fix this?

No, it’s the openHAB debug log level flooding the openHAB log.

Setting the homegear log level has nothing to do with openHAB log. You need to set the openHAB homematic log level. Have a look in the binding documentation of openHAB how to do that.


Thanks for the hint. I was looking into the wrong direction.

I changed the log level now in the Karaf console.