Homegear 0.7 -> 0.8 (stable)



just for curiosity: is there a rough time-plan when 0.8 will be released as stable?
Not that it has to be - so far all running smooth.



Hi @jipp,

it’s being done continuously. The current stable is the same as the nightly of January 27th. The next version still needs some time, as there are a lot of changes in the current nightlies (the biggest are groups and ACLs) which need to be tested first.




Thanks a lot for the answer

So I can assume that 0.8 is the development branch.
Bug fixes will be ported to 0.7.

new features will then be part of 0.8 or as well in 0.7?

I would like to stick to the ‘apt’ approach and not follow the script one for the nightlies.


Yes, 0.8 is the dev branch. New features will also be in 0.7 after they are tested.