HM-Sec-SC and red LED

Hi Sathya,

I seem to have a small issue. Sometimes my HM-Sec-SC window contacts go yellow and then red as soon as I open or close the window. From my understanding this means, that they did not receive the acknowledgement they where expecting. THis happens mostly on window contacts that are not only paired to the Homegear central, but also to other devices (pairing was done using the HomeMatic configurator). The expected behavior is still all good. OpenHAB gets the correct status and the paired devices recognize correctly that the window is either open or closed.

Is there a way to find out what acknowlodgement the HM-Sec-SCs are missing?


Yes, that’s quite easy :wink:. Just send me the log of the situation, then I can tell you, what’s going on. I’m not at home until Christmas, so my response time might be a little longer than usual…



Any specific debug level you are interested in?

Level “4” is enough :wink:.