HM-PB-6-WM55 Tested

I’ve successfully connected the HM-PB-6-WM55 “6-Tasten-Wandsender” with Homegear.

My setup:
Homegear version 0.5.2
openHAB 1.5.0
HomeMatic Binding 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT-pb05

Great! :smiley:

We really have to thank Gerhard for it, who modified the openHAB Binding! Btw. with version 0.5.5 of Homegear the openHAB Binding supports all MAX! devices, too - and without MAX! cube.



Yes, I was following the thread on Google Groups. Thank’s for the great work to everybody involved!

Great news, I was planning to use the valves at some point.

@JuunJuun sorry for pulling up this old thread…
for my clarification: If you say it is successfully connected it means that you can use the WM55 as input device for all other openHAB items? So e.g. I would only connect the WM55 to my Homematic/Homegear and would be able to control (at least on/off) of any item which are controllable via openHab?

Because I am looking for an input with which I can control a few lamps which are not Homematic but connected to openHAB.


This is correct. Each button acts like any other switch item in openHab.

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