Help! Suddenly all MAX! thermostats are unreachable

I have had a MAX! / Homegear system running perfectly for ages, years even, with seven wall thermostats and 15 radiator valves controlled by a Cube flashed with CUL firmware which is itself controlled by Homegear on an RPi. Homegear is controlled through the Homematic binding of OpenHAB on a separate RPi and also via RPC over MQTT.

As of a few days ago, all my wall thermostats are showing as unreachable in Homegear. The radiator valves still seem fine. This is odd. Not some of my thermostats, all of them. Thank God it’s May and not January!

I tried with one thermostat to unpair it, delete it and pair it again but now it won’t re-pair. What can have suddenly changed? Is this a software issue in Homegear or has the hardware of my Cube suddenly given up? It’s not an OpenHAB problem as Homegear itself cannot see the thermostats and I’m guessing it’s not a thermostat problem as all of them have stopped working at once.

What to try first?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

I had this once, I think, hard to know if symptoms and cause are always related. But I had one thermostat “go bad” and needed a factory reset before the rest of them started working agin. It’s all a bit fuzzy now.

So to answer your question, pull the batteries out and reintroduce one at a time.

Additionally I’ve sometimes had to replug the cube and also clear transmit queues in homegear cli

Thanks for your reply Ross. I’ve got some time over the weekend to devote to this. I’ll give it a shot.