Getting started


I´ve just received my valve drive and an HM-CFG-USB2 adapter. I´ve installed homegear and hmland following the installation steps. I´ve tried to follow the pairing tutorial but it actually failed to find my valve drive. I also tried to do a factory reset.

I´ve attached the USB dongle to a windows pc and run the eq3 config tool. The valve drive was found by no time and I was able to configure it.

Do you got a clue why I can´t pair it to my homegear installation. Maybe I´ve missed some steps, but I am quite sure that I´ve got the whole installation procedure. Maybe it´s an AES problem. I´ve not switched off any AES signing…

Hope you can help,


Found my problem… I´ve found a hint in the error log file that my dh1024.pem was missing. Fixed it and everything is paired right now.

Hey Patrick,

the dh1024.pem is only necessary, when you want to access Homegear over SSL. That was not the reason, the pairing did not work. But what matters is, it works now :wink:.