Extend method getDeviceInfo( )

It would be great if you could add a RPC method like getIdByMetaName(String metaName) or extend method getDeviceInfo( ) to use with meta name e.g. getDeviceInfo(String metaName, Array fields)
Currently I’m iterating through the result of a getDeviceInfo() request.

background: I prefer to use meta names for configuration of my php scripts. It is better readable and imho easier in case of device reaplacement to use BLIND_BATHROOM instead of id==7 or sth like LEQ0xxxxxx

With meta name you mean the name you get with getDeviceInfo(), right? That’s a great idea. We could modify the method getPeerId() and could also add additional filters like device type, type string, etc.?

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.
Modifying getPeerId( ) is also a good idea. When adding additional filter it is possible to get a list of all blind actuators with a request like getPeerId(array(‘TYPE’, ‘HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM’)) or something similar. This would be a great improvement!

Yes :wink:

I opened a GitHub issue. As soon as it is closed, the filters are implemented: https://github.com/Homegear/Homegear/issues/149

Sounds really good, so i can get rid of my own wrapper to find devices by location.