Executing homegear script via openHAB

Hi there,

I bought a HomeMatic HM-LC-Sw4-WM wireless switch actutator with 4-channels. I attached my door opener (channel 1 and 2) and my rollershutter (channel 3 and 4) to it. I am using Homegear 0.5.25 and openHAB 1.8.2 .

The door actuator has the same behavior on both channels. If I set the STATE value to true via a homegear php script the door opens/stops/closes depending on the current state of the door. This change of state is not effected by setting STATE to false. Once triggered via true the door continues opening or closing. The only way to stop it is by setting STATE to true again (it first needs to be set false, before setting it to true again).

The rollershutter goes up on channel 3 and goes down on channel 4. Setting STATE to true activates the shutter movement in up/down direction. Setting STATE to false stops the movement.

I would like to have one item displayed in my sitemap for controlling the door and one item for controlling the rollershutter.

For the rollershutter I faced the issue that after STATE was set to true via the switch, STATE was not able to be set back to false even when I toggled the switch multiple times.
The switch item looks like this:
Switch Door_Opener “Door opener [%d %%]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=STATE”}

I then decided to just write my own .php script in Homegear. However. I don’t know exactly how to execute it from openHAB. The execution via homegear -e rs test.php works just fine.
The name of the .php script is test.php. My openHAB switch which should trigger the script looks like this:
Switch Program “My program” {homematic=“program=test”}

Can you give me some advice how to handle those two situations gracefully?
Should I script in openHAB or homegear to control the two channels of the rollershutter via one openHAB sitemap item?
Why can’t I set the state of the dooropener back to false (this is more an openHAB question, however I could solve it via an homegaer script)?

If you need further information please let me know.

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Hi @Sunacni,

first of all, please update to Homegear 0.6. With Homegear 0.5 there was no PHP script engine. We used PH7 at the time. Also (I think) OpenHAB does not officially work with Homegear 0.5 anymore, even though the wiki says so.

I can’t tell you what’s wrong with your Switch item. It looks good to me. Maybe the Homegear log sheds some light into why it’s not working.

Change that to

Switch Program "My program" {homematic="program=test.php"}

Would it work to reset “STATE” after a certain time like for example 10 seconds? Then a script probably is the best solution.

Does that help?



Hi @sathya,
Thank you for your help. I will upgrade homegear and then give an update if the script execution works.
Best regards,