Error when sending PRESS-Action

I’ve tried to execute the following script:

<?php hg_set_value(2,1,"PRESS", (bool) 1); ?>

The command is not executed at the HM-SwI-3-FM. In the log, there is the following error message:

12/18/14 02:32:43.979 RPC Server (Port 2001): Info: RPC Method called: setValue Parameters: (Integer) 2 (Integer) 1 (String) PRESS (Boolean) 1 12/18/14 02:32:43.981 Module HomeMatic BidCoS: Error constructing packet. param "SIM_COUNTER" not found. Peer: 2 Serial number: KEQ1062403 Frame: EVENT_SIM


the switch interface is a sensor not an actuator. So PRESS can’t be set. Actually it should be readonly. As it is not, the error message is misleading. No idea, why eQ-3 made it writeable in the XML file. I will correct that in the next version.