Error when compiling Test script after installation

I’ve installed the Raspbian repository (Raspbian 7 (Wheezy), Version: 0.5.19-61, Build Date: December 13, 2014 18:16:39) on my Raspberry Pi. After installation, I cannot run the included scripts:


12/13/14 19:36:46.239 Info: CLI connection accepted. Client number: 4 12/13/14 19:36:46.263 Script output: #!/usr/bin/env php 12/13/14 19:36:46.264 Script output: Warning: include_once(): IO error while importing: 'Connect.php' 12/13/14 19:36:46.264 Script output: Error: '->': Expecting class instance as left operand,PH7 is loading NULL 12/13/14 19:36:46.264 Script output: Warning: Invalid function name,NULL will be returned 12/13/14 19:36:46.265 Script output: 12/13/14 19:36:46.265 Script output:


12/13/14 19:58:39.738 Info: CLI connection accepted. Client number: 117 12/13/14 19:58:39.755 Error compiling script "/var/lib/homegear/scripts/HM-XMLRPC-Client/Client.php": 3 Warning: Namespace support is disabled in the current release of the PH7(2.1.4) engine 8 Error: Expected 'class_name' after 'extends' keyword inside class 'XMLRPCException' 26 Error: Syntax error: Unexpected token ';'

That’s actually my mistake. I need to change the Test.php script to support the built-in script engine, too. I just opened a GitHub issue [1].

Currently the Test.php-Script needs to be executed directly on the shell just with


The built-in script engine actually is much easier to use [2]. Here is a working small example:




[2] … ar_Scripts