Emulating a HM-CC-TC for actuating HM-CC-VD


ich habe folgendes Problem:
ich möchte über openhab manuell den Stellantreib HM-CC-VD ansteuern, d.h. vorerst händisches setzen der Ventilwerte in den .rules, später soll dann mal eine Logik diese Aufgabe übernehmen.

Ich habe bereits gelesen, dass die Ansteuerung aus openhab heraus nicht möglich ist?!
Falls ja wäre ich um konstruktive Aufklärung dankbar.

Jedoch habe ich mittlerweile herausgefunden, dass es auch möglich ist einen “virtuellen Thermostat” z.B. den HM-CC-TC zu emulieren.
Kann mir jemand diesbezüglich weiterhelfen?
Vielen Dank!!


i´v e got a problem:
i would like to actuate the Homematic HM-CC-VD valves with openhab, e.g. at first i´d simply like to set the valvestate in the .rules file.
Later the valvestates will be calculated by some code.

I have read, that actuating the HM-CC-VD is not simply possible by openhab, if not
i would like to get to know how to do it?!

Hence i read about creating a virtual thermostat, e.g. a HM-CC-TC.
Has anyone done something like this before and tell me about it, or can tell ma how to do it.

Thanks for your efforts!


that’s not true if you use the HM-CC-VD in combination with Homegear. Just set the variable “VALVE_STATE” of the HM-CC-VD as you would any other HomeMatic parameter. That’s it :wink:.

The only important thing is, that this doesn’t work with all rf modules. You need a device of the CUL family or a Texas Instruments CC1101 module (the latter works best). See Homegear’s requirements page for more information.



Thank you for the first answer.

Can you write me some example lines how to set the VALVE_STATE in the .rules file??

Thank you!!


Hello Stephan,

I don’t use OpenHAB rules, so I can’t tell you how the lines need to look like. In “/var/lib/homegear/scripts/Test.php” the line looks like this:

print_r($Client->send("setValue", array("SERIALXXXX:1", "VALVE_STATE", 23)));



Thank you!

it´ll help me a lot