Core dump after upgrade to nightly


I’ve been on the stable version for a while but wanted to switch to the nightly to test some new features.
I use a raspberry pi 4 with raspbian buster. Before, I used homegear with apt repositories and version 0.7:

homegear-adminui/buster,now 0.1.0-280 all [installed]
homegear-homematicbidcos/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear-influxdb/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear-management/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear-max/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear-nodes-core/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear-nodes-extra/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear-ui/buster,now 0.1.0-361 all [installed]
homegear-webssh/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
homegear/buster,now 0.7.48-3324 armhf [installed]
  1. I backed up data
  2. purged all stable packages
  3. and installed the nightly version.
  4. Then I restored my backup
  5. and reinstalled the nightly data.

Everything works well so far, the only error I see booting is that the core file was created. I will just attach it here.

Just ask if you need more data. (960,5 KB)

@sathya could you say something about this?