Controlling multiple devices at once


If I want to control multiple devices, should I wait some time between sending new parameters to all the devices? Or can the parameters be sent in bulk?

ie. when closing all rollershutters for the complete house from openhab, should I just send DOWN to all rollershutters at once (ie. by using openhab’s grouping feature) or should I manually loop over all rollershutters and wait 1s between each sendCommand() ?

What is your experience with this?

Thanks for any clarification.


it should cause no problems to send all parameters at once. When the devices use “wake on radio” there might be problems, but probably it will work, too. “Wake on radio” is used by the new valve drive and wall thermostat for example. But for both I would disable it anyway to increase the battery life. Other than that I think only the 19 key remote and the smoke detectors use it.



Thanks for your advice, I will try this… ,-)

Thus, the choice between sending commands in bulk and sending commands individually with delays depends on the specific devices, home automation platform, and desired user experience. Use grouping features where possible and test device responsiveness to determine the best approach. You can find an approach to anything, like getting a driver’s license is easy these days, you just have to find ways. If sending commands at the same time causes problems, you can apply delays or consider other optimization strategies depending on your specific use case.