Configuration of Max! Thermostat

Hi Patrik,
yes I know; channels 3 and 4 maybe used to receive data from wall thermostat and windows sensor… My question was if there is a method to setup other parameters from admin UI… Moreover, in my other question, I ask about how to pair together (if possible) from UI radiator thermostat with wall thermostat and window sensor. This is done in MAX software simply assigning them to the same room; does HG work in the same mode?

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “setup other parameters”. If you wan’t to link channels together, look here on how to use rpc-functions, and here for addLink();.

Also have a look here: Wetterstation HM-WDS100-C6-O-2
(maybe use google translate)

Hi Patrik,
thank you for your kind reply,
I found the information to make the link through the API; I actually hoped there was a way to configure these things through the UI; as for the “other parameters” I mean these
as specified in the file you suggested BC-RT-TRX-CyG-2.xml
I think I understand that these too will need to be set via the command line / API instead of the UI.
It is a real shame that the UI is a bit lacking in HG since the implementation of the backend is really good for MAX / Homematic and, I think, superior to that of other home automation systems.
I’ll try to do something for the UI even if I don’t have much time.
Thanks again for your cooperation.

Check the documentation for putParamset(). I think that is what you are looking for.

Yes, they do the stuff…
I didn’t search through the APIs because I was hoping there was a method to set values through the admin UI
thank you again

Maybe @Micha can jump in and tell us if this is possible through the admin-ui.

Strange. Using Homematic these parameters are handeled via the edit configuration parameters pages in channel 0. I’ve got 23 pages of parameters for radiators.

@arkimede, could you show a screenshot of the parameter page of channel 0?

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Hi Job,
I have only 19 pages in channel 0, only weekly scheduling
Channel 2 is empty
No other channels
Here the screenshot

Did you enter the parameter names (or part of the names) in the search field?

Yes, i.e. enter DECALCIFICATION_TIME nothing found

OK, that must be a bug in the AdminUI with Max-devices. With my Homematic devices i can find all these parameters.

Maybe :pensive: , anyway i can find exposed some of those parameters in the underlying Home Assistant:

[climate.oeq0943015] auto hvac_modes: auto,heat,off min_temp: 4.5 max_temp: 30.5 target_temp_step: 0.5 preset_modes: boost current_temperature: 20.1 temperature: 18 preset_mode: null battery: High valve: 0 mode: Auto id: OEQ0943015 interface: wireless friendly_name: Radiatore Cucina supported_features: 17

that magically (!) manages to read…

Hi all,

I checked the code and found a bug, but not related to missing parameters :wink:
Unfortunately I don’t have a BC-RT-TRX-CyG-2 but the BC-RT-TRX-CyG-3. And there are no settings for paramsetType “MASTER” on any channel other than 0. The settings you are searching for are on channel 1 with paramsetType of “VALUE”. These settings can be set within Node-BLUE (see screenshot).

– Micha

PS: direkt linking is noch possible with the admin-ui at the moment :wink:

Hi Micha,
ok, I hope the bug will be fixed sooner or later! I will try with node-blue!
Thank you!

Hi @arkimede,

the bug has nothing to do with this problem :wink: The AdminUI will only set “MASTER” settings of a channel …

– Micha

Ah, OK! …and what would be the bug (just to know :grinning: )?

Hi @arkimede

the UI is showing channel 2, but this channel does not exist :wink:

[CHANNELS] (Array length=4)
(Integer64) 0
(Integer64) 1
(Integer64) 3
(Integer64) 4

– Micha

ah yes… sure…

sorry Micha, in what file is that fragment?

Hi @arkimede,

that’s not the content of a file, thats the output of the getDeviceDescription rpc-call:

homegear -e rc ‘print_v($hg->getDeviceDescription(36,-1));’
(Struct length=19)
[ADDRESS] (String) KEQ0717167
[CHANNELS] (Array length=4)
(Integer64) 0
(Integer64) 1
(Integer64) 3
(Integer64) 4
[CHILDREN] (Array length=4)
(String) KEQ0717167:0
(String) KEQ0717167:1
(String) KEQ0717167:3
(String) KEQ0717167:4
[FAMILY] (Integer64) 4
[FIRMWARE] (String) 1.0
[FLAGS] (Integer64) 1
[ID] (Integer64) 36
[INTERFACE] (String) VBC7665170
[NAME] (String) Heizung Besprechung rechts
[PARAMSETS] (Array length=1)
(String) MASTER
[PARENT] (String)
[PHYSICAL_ADDRESS] (Integer64) 820082
[RF_ADDRESS] (Integer64) 820082
[ROAMING] (Integer64) 0
[RX_MODE] (Integer64) 2
[TYPE] (String) BC-RT-TRX-CyG-3
[TYPE_ID] (Integer64) 416
[VERSION] (Integer64) 1

– Micha