Configurable wired devices do not show variables


first of all I would like to thank you for this wonderful project, which makes HomeMatic a usable hardware!

We are doing first tests, and found out the only problem so far: wired devices that have configurable inputs/outputs do not return “State” variables.


If I change behavior to value 0 (INPUT), it works properly.

On this device, only outputs that are non-configurable work properly (6 relay outputs).
However Channels 7-14, that are of string type DIGITAL_ANALOG_OUTPUT, do not have “State” variable when switched to Config -> Behaviour -> Value 1 (DIGITAL_OUTPUT).

Do you have any idea what might be the problem?
We can send devices for testing.

Best regards,

Hi Martin,

error is fixed :wink:.



Thanks a lot Sayhya,
that was an amazing speed!
What would be the version number once you upload it?

The version will be 0.5.9. The x86 and amd64 version is compiled and uploaded already, I’m only waiting for the Raspberry Pi version to finish compiling :wink:. It will be uploaded this evening. The HomegearLib.NET needed a fix, too. The new version is 0.1.3.