ConBeeII für zigbee


wird ConBeeII von Homegear unterstützt?
gibt es erste Erfahrungen?

ich erhalte folgende Meldungen nach der configuration:

04/30/20 12:17:43.424 Module Zigbee: Zigbee serial module "ConBeeII": Info: Initializing interface
04/30/20 12:17:43.624 Module Zigbee: Zigbee serial module "ConBeeII": Info: RAW Sending packet FE00210120
04/30/20 12:17:48.625 Module Zigbee: Zigbee serial module "ConBeeII": Error: No response received to packet: FE00210120

folgendes ist meine zigbee.conf:

id = ConBeeII
deviceType = serial
# 16 bytes hex 'password'. Please change it to a random one.
password = 16CFA1797F981EC8651DDD45F8BF0FC6
# The usb serial device, whatever that is on the system
device = /dev/ttyACM0


docker exec -it homegear homegear -v
Homegear version 0.7.45-3101
Copyright (c) 2013-2019 Homegear GmbH

PHP (License: PHP License):
This product includes PHP software, freely available from <>
Copyright (c) 1999-2019 The PHP Group. All rights reserved.

vielen Dank

Only Texas Instruments with zstack are supported, with chips such as CC253X, CC26XX.

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fast answer.

thx a lot.

are there plans to support other than TI chips?

As long as it’s a TI chip with zstack, supporting their api, it might work.

It just have to be a 3.x zstack.