CC1101 Too large packet recevied

Hi all (and @sathya :wink:) ,
I switched from CUL interface to SPI CC1101 interface on rasp pi4
After this I experience often error like this:
05/23/20 14:45:21.097 Module MAX: TI CC110X “MH-MAX-CUL”: Warning: Too large packet received: 840004601A29EF0000000018002400DE1C86EC9AF901B237FC35B9694828DBFC531446B8A713993DF69FDA433485778E46E528B179F7BF27BEB80DCC0F301D84510004601A29EF0000000018002400DE1C86EC9AF901B237FC35B9694828DBFC531446B8A713993DF69FDA433485778E46E528B179F7BF27BEB80DCC0F301D8484510004601A
(pay not attention to device name, it is a CC1101)
Any idea?
Thank you

Having the same issues after migrating from some older homegear version to the recent 0.7.45-3101 armhf on Buster.

paging @sathya :slight_smile: