Can't pair HomeMatic IP devices



It’s my fist use of Homegear, and I have some doubt about how to peer my device.

The device is a HMIP-WTH.

According to the “operation and installation manual” of the device the device is in a Teach-in mode for 3 minutes once the battery are put in place. With a “standard” Homatic central, they ask to introduce last 4 digits of the device number. There seems to be nothing similar with Homegear.

I follow the procedure as discribe in the chapter 6, but nothing happens.

I tried to fix this adding sendFix = true in “/etc/homegear/families/homematicbidcos.conf”
I also did a factiry reset.
But nothing help to make it paired.

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards

homegear.log (11.3 KB)
conf& (4.9 KB)


Homematic and HomematicIP are different protocols. HmIP is not supported.


Thank you very much for that answer. I suspected something like that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just an update for this as it seems, that people are coming here via google.

Homegear supports HomematicIP via the homegear-ccu addon, thus a CCU2 is needed to pair HomematicIP devices.