Basic setup for newbies

If you’re like me you may be wondering what is needed to create a basic system. Here’s one simple hardware setup that I’m considering. I’ll try and figure out the software components next.

Hardware examples:

[ul]Raspberry Pi B+ (€30)[/ul]
[ul]USB Wifi Adapter for the Raspberry Pi (<€8)[/ul]
[ul]CC1101-USB-Lite 868MHz (CUL) wireless module with RP-SMA socket, but without antenna. (€50) Why so expensive does anyone know?[/ul]
[ul]DELOCK 1-lambda LTE antenna (€13)[/ul]
[ul]HM-LC-Sw2-FM 2-channel relay (x2) and input (x2) 230V (€50) for boiler control. The single channel device is €10 cheaper. Inputs could be used to signal fault, etc, or actual run time which could be logged for fuel cost calculations.[/ul]
[ul]Wireless TRV actuator (£40) to fit to radiator valves.[/ul]

If this setup is helpful we can move it to the wiki.
[Edit: added link and price for USB WiFi.]

An example setup on the wiki is a good idea! :slight_smile:
Software is a little difficult. Currently I’m using IP-Symcon [1], which is ok, but expensive and it only runs on Windows. The other option is openHAB. Gerhard (the maintainer of the HomeMatic binding) put a lot of work into improving the compatibility with Homegear. But it seems, the App is still a little buggy and the web user interface only works with Webkit browsers (Google Chrome and Safari). A friend of mine wrote a binding for the Software SPS AutomationX [2]. It is nearly finished, but I don’t think, that is an option for normal home users - even though, he uses it at home, too - with the largest MAX! setup I’ve ever seen :wink:.




That’s disappointing. I got the impression that OpenHAB was quite mature.

Here is my proposed layout.

I’ll add control logic later.


OpenHAB is mature and runs very fine. At my house it runs fine on a Rasperry Pi together with Homegear. I use it mostly from the OpenHAB client on iOS. Yes, there is a Web frontend, but I never use it. I have Macs, so I cannot report any browser problems.

OpenHAB offers many bindings and next to Homegear I connect it to Asterisk, various Shell scripts, e.g. for Presence Detection via SNMP, Internet (Weather). A very nice solution. Take a look.

I’ve been reading up a bit on OpenHAB and this site. OpenHAB seems to have bindings for most devices. What is missing that HomeGear can provide?


openHAB is a logical layer software, so it does not communicate with the devices directly, but with some kind of interface. So without interface or interface software you can’t use openHAB. Homegear is such an interface software. With HomeMatic devices the other option would be the CCU/LXCCU.



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