AES ("over the air") with CUNX

Hello everyone,

I’m thinking about migrating to Homegear (from FHEM with a HM-LAN-CFG) and would like to use this opportunity to enable encryption for all (possible) devices.

I’ve read quite a bit already, but I find some of the information confusing (and possibly contradictory). It would be great if someone can shed some light into this.

Since the HM-LAN-CFG has a too limited range, I am thinking about replacing it with a CUNX. The wiki says that it supports AES, while it also states that the AES Handshake is only supported with original HM interfaces. That sounds inconsistent to me or am I misunderstanding something?

A slightly different topic, but I’m curious about the remark on the CUNX in the wiki: “Doesn’t receive packets a few milliseonds after reception of a packet”. Does that mean the CPU of it is too slow or the firmware is badly programmed, so that the whole system stalls until a received packet has been processed? Is this recognisable in a live environment? Does anyone have issues with this? Or would Homegear maybe compensate for this by delaying transmissions of multiple packets or by repeating discarded packets?

Looking forward to learning something new again,


That’s because the information was written at different times. The CUNX supports AES handshakes.

I don’t know.

The only place where it really causes problems is when unpairing MAX! window contacts. In normal operation it probably doesn’t matter.

It’s only important for receiving packets. Bidirectional packets are repeated if not received. You only have issues when a broadcast packet is not received as they are not repeated. But most broadcast packets are sent in intervals of 2 to 3 minutes.



Hi sathya,

thank you for the explanations (and the great work on Homegear)! I’ll set up a Beaglebone Black asap. :slight_smile: