Hi Homegear-team,

I just installed homegear on my raspberry, and everything looks to be ok.
But before I actually run the system I need to understand one thing:

What is it with the AES keys for HM-CFG-LAN?

I am currently running my own python script on a Windows server which control my HM components via the HM-CFG-LAN.
If I set a new rfKey - is there any risk of destroying my current system? loosing connection to the HM-CFG-LAN?
Or can I shut down homegear and everything will just work the same as it is now?

If I need to have my current Homematic system up and running, what would be the best way to develop the rasPi solution in parallel?
should I get a CUL USB stick?

Thank you for your advise.


Hey schagerdelic,

you can’t pair device’s to two centrals. So you can’t pair them to Homegear and another central in parallel. Also the HM-CFG-LAN only supports one TCP connection at a time. That means your python script can’t use the HM-CFG-LAN at the same time as Homegear - and there shouldn’t be any problems regarding the AES key, because when Homeger sets the AES key of the device, it is the only central. You shouldn’t loose the AES key though before factory resetting the paired devices - that renders the devices useless.
Of course you could use a second HM-CFG-LAN with your python script, when you set the same AES key and BidCoS address emulating Homegear. But that causes problems in some situations. I would recommend to talk to Homegear with your python script - that’s what it’s made for :wink:.

I hope that answers your question?



Hi Sathya,

thank you for reply.
Unfortunately I wass not clear with my question.
I don’t want to use them in parallel. I want to use the HM-CFG-LAN for one of my centrals.

But until I have everything up and running I wantet to switch the HM-CFG-LAN from one to the other.
would that be possible? what do you think?

Thank you

Yes, it is - no problem.