No /var/run/homegear/homegear.sock



I successfully build homegear-0.5.14 on my RPi and can start it:

However, there’s no /var/run/homegear/homegear.sock created so I am unable to connect with ‘homegear -r’.

Any idea why?

When I use the eq3 software to pair my valve it doesn’t work, just loops with messages like this:

[quote]11/24/14 13:04:40.645 RPC Server (Port 2001): Info: Connection from accepted. Client number: 82
11/24/14 13:04:40.646 RPC Server (Port 2001): Listening for incoming packets from client number 82.
11/24/14 13:04:40.651 RPC Server (Port 2001): Debug: Packet received: 42696E000000001C000000146C697374426964636F73496E746572666163657300000000
11/24/14 13:04:40.652 RPC Server (Port 2001): Info: Client number 82 is calling RPC method: listBidcosInterfaces Parameters:
11/24/14 13:04:40.652 RPC Server (Port 2001): Response:
(Array length=1)
(Struct length=4)
(String) VBC3984935
(Boolean) 1
(Boolean) 1
(String) Homegear default BidCoS interface
11/24/14 13:04:40.654 RPC Server (Port 2001): Response binary:
11/24/14 13:04:40.658 RPC Server (Port 2001): Info: Connection to client number 82 closed (3).



how did you start Homegear? Did you use the provided init script? “/var/run/homegear/homegear.sock” is only created, when Homegear is started as daemon. The only reason I can think of, is wrong permissions on “/var/run/homegear” or non existance of the directory. But the init script takes care of both issues.

For the second issue I need a log excerpt of the pairing process. It should work with the eQ-3 software. Did you factory reset your valve drive before pairing it?




Ok, yes that was the issue. I’m running a systemd based distro (arch linux, but soon also debian will have it) and therefor did not use the init-script. I’ll collect some infos on that in a github issue.

Now pairing does work, thanks for the fast reply!