0.8.0-3227 / 3231 broken for Raspbian & Ubuntu 3244 ok again

InstallNightly.sh is looking for https://downloads.homegear.eu/nightlies/homegear-nodes-ui_current_raspbian_buster_armhf.deb

But the homegear-nodes-ui* files are missing for raspbian and ubuntu.


0.8.0-3227 has been replaced by 0.8.0-3231.
Now there is an error with homegear-licensing …

Preparing to unpack homegear-licensing_current_raspbian_buster_armhf.deb ...
Unpacking homegear-licensing (0.8.0-3227) ...
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of homegear-licensing:
  homegear-licensing depends on libhomegear-base (= 0.8.0-3227); however:
    Version of libhomegear-base on system is 0.8.0-3231.
  homegear-licensing depends on homegear (= 0.8.0-3227); however:
    Version of homegear on system is 0.8.0-3231.

 dpkg: error processing package homegear-licensing (--install):
   dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
  Errors were encountered while processing:

Switching back to 3225 did not work, since the new InstallNightly.sh script was looking for “homegear-nodes-ui” :frowning:

Just installed 3244 on Raspbian Buster (RaspBerryPi 4).
First test works without problem. :smiley:

Nodeblue starting is ok.
Display of “°C” in AdminUI device variable is fine now :+1:
Autocorrection on setting float Values is as upgly as before :thinking:

Good job boys.

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Sorry, some versions in between did not work - there were a lot of changes during the last weeks. Now I think the nightlies are pretty stable again.