Firmware update of HM device with HM-CFG-LAN


Hi, is there any chance to do an firmware update (lets say for the HM-CC-RT-DN) with the HM-CFG-LAN and homegear? If not, which options do I have to update?



no it’s not possible with the HM-CFG-LAN, because the HM-CFG-LAN does not support it unless eQ-3 provides a firmware update. Except for the HM-CFG-USB it works with all other physical interfaces (HomeMatic Wireless LAN Gateway, CC1101 module, CUL, COC, …).




When I try to update my HM-CC-RT-DN using my COC (bad name by the way :slight_smile:) I only get an error. “HomeMatic Fehler - Firmware-Update fehlgeschlagen.”

HomeMatic Konfigurator 1.517

any ideas?


It’s not working with the HomeMatic Configurator yet, because the RPC method signatures differ (see [1]). It actually only takes a few lines of code to fix this. Maybe I will do it this evening :wink:.

Currently the easiest way to do firmware updates is through Homegear’s CLI:

sudo homegear -r
fs 0
ds c








It’s implemented now :wink:.


Right now I have a setup with HM-CFG-LAN and some HM devices. Including lanKey and rfKey.

Is there any way to upgrade the firmware of my HM devices by switching temporarily(!) to a CUL/COC/whatever and then go back to my HM-CFG-LAN?
Because all devices are “paired” to my HM-CFG-LAN right now and everything is set up to use lanKey and rfKey…


[quote]Is there any way to upgrade the firmware of my HM devices by switching temporarily(!) to a CUL/COC/whatever and then go back to my HM-CFG-LAN?
Because all devices are “paired” to my HM-CFG-LAN right now and everything is set up to use lanKey and rfKey…[/quote]

Yes it is. Homegear automatically switches the interface, if the interface assigned to a device doesn’t support firmware updates. But this only works, if you disable AES on the devices you want to update first, because the CUL, COC, etc. don’t support it.

Currently the only interface supporting AES AND firmware updates is the HomeMatic Wireless LAN Gateway.




@Sathya: Thumbs up !!

I have successfully updated one of my HM-CC-RT-DNs (using the CLI). The other one has started, but it failed during the firmware upgrade. Probably it was too far away from the COC. It’s now stuck in CRC Error reboot loop. But since it still has waranty, I will send it back and upgrade the new device while having it closer to the COC.


You don’t have to send it back :wink:. You can enter the bootloader manually by pressing the two outer buttons while inserting the battery (then the display shows “FUP”). The update is just not as comfortable.

Do the following:

sudo homegear -r
fs 0
ds c
pud PEERID 1

The one behind “PEERID” lets Homegear enter the manual update mode. After that Homegear waits 30 seconds for a bootloader packet. So after executing “pud PEERID 1” press the two outer buttons and insert the batteries and voila everything should work again :stuck_out_tongue:.




Hmm, now you confused me. I thought the AES (for which the lanKey is used) is only for the communication between Homegear and a HM-CFG-LAN.
So my assumption would be to add a CUL/COC incl. the existing rfKey as a 2nd physifc and use this physifc for firmware updates regarding my devices.

Or what do you mean with “disable AES on the devices” ?

Thanks ,-)


There are two places, where an AES key is used:

[li] For the LAN communication between Homegear and the HM-CFG-LAN[/li]
[li] For AES handshakes between the HomeMatic devices and the HM-CFG-LAN[/li][/ol]

The first one (lanKey) is completely irrelevant for firmware updates and you don’t need to change anything. The second one (rfKey) is relevant, but only if AES was enabled on the device. On some devices you have to enable AES manually on some it is enabled by default. In either case, if a device requires AES handshakes, you can’t just switch communication to a CUL or COC, so you need to disable it on all channels, i. e. with the HomeMatic Configurator (column “Übertragungsmodus”).

I hope that clarifies things a little :wink:.




Ok, so what I can do is:

  • with a customized Test.php (shipped with Homegear) I disable AES (rfKey usage) on the devices I want to update
  • add a CUL/COC as 2nd physifc
  • perform the firmware updates
  • remove the CUL/COC again
  • enable AES/rfKey with Test.php

Or just disable AES/rfKey on all my devices completely and keep the CUL/COC as 2nd physifc to gain a better coverage in house by using two physifcs…

Sounds good! Thanks for that.


Yupp, that works :wink:. You need to use “putParamset” on all channels starting with channel “1” in Test.php.

E. g.:

$Client->send("putParamset", array(15, 1, "MASTER", array("AES_ACTIVE" => false)));
$Client->send("putParamset", array(15, 2, "MASTER", array("AES_ACTIVE" => false)));
$Client->send("putParamset", array(15, 3, "MASTER", array("AES_ACTIVE" => false)));


Sounds good and easy!

Will FW update be available through a CUNO once this is supported (january timeframe?) ?

My debian server, on which Homegear is running, is in the cellar. But I have ethernet all over the house, and with a CUNO I could place the 2nd physifc at a good place. And the HM-CFG-LAN at another strategic place…



yes, the CUNO supports firmware updates. I actually implemented it today :wink:. But: The latency is horrible. Packets are received up to 250ms too late (the response needs to be sent within 170ms). As packets are sent three times by the devices, the communication mostly works, but that’s not good enough. I need to see if it’s a fixable software problem or a hardware problem.





I am a but lost here with CUL, CUNO etc.

I have a HM-CFG-LAN Device and I would like to update my HM-CC-RT-DN Devices to the latest firmware. From what I have read, I understand that it is not possible with the LAN device. Is this still valid? What are my options currently? I might be able to get my hands on a HM-CFG-USB, would that do the job? And do I have to unpair everything from my HM-CFG-LAN/homegear setup or can I somehow add the USB Stick as a second means of communicating with existing peers?

Any help or hints to existing documentation would be apreciated :slight_smile:



yes. That’s not possible and will never be (except eQ-3 decides to update the HM-CFG-LAN firmware). It is possible with the LAN Gateway. The easiest way for you to update the firmware is by using the LAN Gateway or the CUL.


Yes, you can add as many communication modules as you like - e. g. for enabling features like the firmware update or to extend the communication range.




Hi Sathya,

is there any news on this? Are fw updates using a CUNO a viable choice today?



Hi Radiohead,

no, the CUNO (the old one) has still a horrible timing. But with the CUNX - its successor - it’s no problem.