Changing rollershutter driverUp/Down times


Hi all,

for my rollershutters HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM I want to set the driveUp and driveDown times, which can be found here:

(Peer)> config print
Channel: 1


What is the best/easiest way to change such settings?
I am using the latest homegear (0.5.16-1) and openhab (v1.6.1) versions.

Thanks and best regards.



currently Homegear has no built-in configuration interface (we are working on it). You could use RPC functions to set the parameters, but that’s not a lot of fun (one good thing is, you can “copy and paste” the configuration).

There are three configuration interfaces available, you can use:

[li] HomeMatic Manager [1][/li]
[li] HomeMatic Configuration Tool coming with the BidCoS Service (in German only) [2][/li]
[li] Demo app of the HomegearLib.NET (it’s really only a demo, so not really nice to use, but it reflects all of Homegear’s features) [3][/li][/ol]

The HomeMatic Manager and the HomeMatic Configuration Tool both work but don’t reflect all features of Homegear (you can’t set the communication interface a device should use and you can’t add events for example).






I will just adapt Test.php that’s shipped with homegear and set all the stuff I need.



Did you manage to set the time values by xml rpc script?

I need to do the same and was not successful yet :frowning:


Hello andio,

to change parameters you can call:

homegear -e rc '$hg->putParamset(PEERID, CHANNEL, "MASTER", array( "PARAMETER_NAME" => PARAMETER_VALUE ));'

Hope that helps :wink:. I currently have no roller shutter here, so I can’t tell you, which parameters to set.




Hi all and espcially Sathya,

sorry for pushing this old topic - I neet to but I’m not able to configure this two parameters.
I tried the direct (" homegear -e rc" or "homegear -e runcommand ) approach, even on the command line (gives always a return code 255). I use homegear 0.6.7-1545 - has there something essential changed?




Hey @JoergPi,

we removed the deprecated function type PHP functions (hg_invoke, …). Apart from that, nothing has changed. The script engine log should give you more information about what caused the error. What command did you try to execute exactly?




Hi Satya,

today or tomorrow I will receive another rollershutter actor which I can use to test the parameter configuration.
The other rollershutter works on the blinds of our sleeping room and there was some pressure to get it working unsing a CCU2 for configuration ;-).

I will report the next days …

Many thanks,